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Healthy, Nutritious,
and Amazingly Delicious!


A Bit of My Story...

My name is Katya.

Baking is my passion!

I love the feeling of soft dough, and how the house smells like bakery!

Who doesn't love the aroma and delicious taste of a freshly baked loaf, or a warm pastry with coffee...

I've been baking for years and recently started Dubuque Bakery as licensed Cottage Food Business.

Being a cancer research scientist, I know how important is the way our food is cooked and processed. I love experimenting in my kitchen and the art and science of healthy baking.

Baking sourdough bread is my favorite! A while ago I started milling my own wheat and rye flour from our local organic grain.  The aroma and rich taste of my sourdough bread from this flour was incredible! And it is good for our health, because freshly milled whole grain flour is so rich in nutrients, that are lost during commercial processing. I also develop gluten-free bread so that people with wheat and gluten intolerance can also enjoy good bread.

I also bake a variety of pastries and cookies using high quality organic ingredients. My kids and their friends love them!

I invite you to try my sourdough bread and other delights!

Bon Appetite!!

Our Baked Delights

Dubuque Bakery is local micro-bakery in Snohomish.

I mill flour right  before baking using local organic grain.

I make my own sourdough starter and use long fermentation process.

 Every product is made by hand in small batches using organic ingredients.

Just choose what you like!


Snohomish, WA


(206) 705-3474



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